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Getting You the Digital Products You Need, When You Need Them

About Us


Since 2004, 1 Global Digital Distribution, along with our professional team, has been at the forefront of streamlining innovative solutions to trade and distribute the latest big brand name consumer electronic devices.

Our Services and Specialties Include:

  • Buying and selling the most current and in-demand consumer electronics from the top brands in the global market.

  • Worldwide distribution channels

  • Customizing business solutions for our business partners

  • Multilingual regional purchase & sales managers for every market

  • On-site, dedicated and professional logistics coordinators, working with fast and reliable freight forwarding firms around the world that utilize the most advanced technological services.

  • Providing high-value insurance policies.

1GDD is ‘TRADE SMART’ by being the best at identifying and procuring the most in-demand electronics products on the global market We do this by staying 3 steps ahead and keeping up with innovation because that is what we do best.


We specialize in understanding the consumer electronics industry, recognizing trends and hot spots within the competitive worldwide markets then pairing them with top-level secure and efficient distribution channels across the globe, all while taking pride in winning the hearts and minds of our worldwide business partners.

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